All Mix'd Up Beauty Lounge


Briana Brown - Owner - All Mix'd Up Beauty Lounge– All Mix’d Up Beauty Lounge is more than just hair, we are an all inclusive hair and beauty salon that specializes in healthy hair.

Through hair and beauty we strive to create an authentic and positive experience for anyone who enters through our doors. 

We are dedicated to providing a memorable experience for each guest through exceptional service and professional staff.

“When people come to All Mix’d Up, I want you to leave with an experience.”

Briana Brown
Owner – All Mix’d Up Beauty Lounge

Contact Info

All Mix’d Up Beauty Lounge
3936 E Chandler Blvd #125
Phoenix, AZ 85048
Ph. 602.428.0228

• Crochet
• Braids
• Dreads
• Kids hair
• Lash extensions
• Natural hair

Days and Hours of Operation:
By appointments only
Tuesday thru Saturday 8:30am -6:30pm

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